Travis Michael Holder

Travis was once referred to as a Renaissance man for the number of pies into which he has placed his pudgy fingers, but he insists the illusion is just an imaginative version of the dastardly game of survival: always passing Go, winning an occasional hotel on Boardwalk, but never collecting the fucking $200.

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Photo Gallery
Rodney in the west coast premiere of Rob Florence's "Hurricane Katrina Comedy Fest"
The confession of Bishop Montgomery in the world premiere of "Altarcations"
With John Brotherton in "Surprise, Surprise"
With John Brotherton and Luke Eberl in "Surprise, Surprise"
With John Brotherton in "Surprise, Surprise"
With Deborah Shelton in "Surprise, Surprise"
Family bonding in "Surprise, Surprise"
With Mary Jo Catlett in "Surprise, Surprise"
With Deborah and director Jerry Turner
With Deborah and Mary Jo on the set
Jerry in action!
As Dr. Van Helsing in "Dracula: The House of Besarab"
With Karen Kondazian in "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"
As Shelley "The Machine" Levene in "Glengarry Glen Ross"
With Nick Salamone in "Glengarry Glen Ross"
With Chris Carmack in "Lament for the Moths"
As Tennessee Williams in "Lament for the Moths"
With Liz Davies and Chris Carmack in "The Strip: American Nympho"
With Maggie Eldred in "Small Craft Warnings"
In Charles Mee's "Summertime" at the Boston Court
With Vinessa Shaw in "Gallows Humor"
With Brant Cotton in "Nasty Little Secrets"
"Lament for the Moths" at the Tennessee Williams Festival, New Orleans
With Justin Lawrence in "The Shadow Box"
As J. Edgar Hoover in Donald Freed's "American Iliad"
With Connor Trinneer in Brecht's "Edward II"
In "Play Strindberg"
Attending Susan Priver as Ftatateeta in Shaw's "Caesar and Cleopatra"
In "Stranger: A Spaghetti Western Musical" at the Bootleg
As Oscar Wilde in "Oscar and Speranza" in Washington DC
As Cheswick in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" at the Rubicon
As Bob Cratchit in "A Christmas Carol: The Musical"
In Murray Mednick's "Fedunn"
With Stephen Nichols in the US premiere of "The Dead Boy"
Tell How I Get to Tend the Rabbits, George
As Lennie in "Of Mice and Men"
In "Fifth of July"
"Hair" 1968
"Hair" 1984
"Hair" 2001
As Amos (Mr. Cellophane) Hart in "Chicago"
Living with "Bye Bye Birdie"
As Dr. Winston in "Masturbation: Putting the Fun Into Self-Loving"
Mary Ann and Ginger... er, um... I mean Greta
As Greta in "Bent"
The NEW Del Rubio Triplets
With Dawn Wells
With Chita Rivera
With JoAnne Worley and Scott Cheek
With Bette Midler
Chris Carmack and me with Jolie Jones and Bejinhos
Peter au naturel
With Peter Musante at the Brooklyn Bridge, LV
BMG Floridian Peter: Newly Blue in Orlan... doo?
With Maggie Eldred at opening of "The Beatles' LOVE"
The Unholy Three at the Venetian
With Stacey Arton at the Wynn
With Jeremy Lawrence at the Tennessee Williams Festival, New Orleans
With Jolie Blonde, Voodoo Museum, N'awlins
Wardell Quezergue groupies, New Orleans
With Kathleen Chalfant, Berkeley
With Kathy Chalfant and Frances Lee McCain, Berkeley
With Christopher Rice, New Orleans
With Penny Stallings
With Susan Exley and our godson Saul (Slash) Hudson
With Karen Kondazian, Jenny Sullivan, Stephanie Zimbalist at TennFest
With Jeremy Lelliott
With Vinessa Shaw
With Shaun Cozzens
With Gordon Davidson, Harry Groener and Terri Roberts, LADCC Awards
With Phlupitz Sneedle
David and Dads
With Scott Cheek
Ho-Ho-Holder, Lake Arrowhead 1982
Cirque du So-Lame
Everything Is Relative
Vintage Travis 1967
With Gallimaufry Phydeoux, 1970
Travis with Victor Colin (left), Venice Beach, 1971
The San Francisco years begin, 1972
Troubadour Daze or: A Tale of Two Cities
With Dale Kimura Kerpel and Victor, SF, 1974
Travis and Victor 1977
Travis and Victor 1982
Travis headshot 1990